Help – FAQ

After I place an order, how long does it take to get a download link?

1. There is up to an 8 hour waiting time to receive your download. 2. When you have paid, BML will be notified of your purchase. 3. An email with a download ‘Dropbox’ link to your music files will be sent to you. This email has the subject:“Your BML Order Is Ready”. You may download your product any time you want.

a. If you wish to receive your product by ‘snail-mail’, in addition to your download, BML will mail you a CD for an additional fee of $2.95 (U.S.).  You will need to email BML the address you would like your product mailed to if you choose this option.

b. If you are in “post” and need immediate delivery call/text BML at 615-574-4767.

Can I get a refund or exchange of a product that I have downloaded?

Refunding orders that have already been downloaded is problematic. Not only does the nature of electronic media make it impossible to gauge whether or not the file has been used, will be used, or duplicated. In addition, the artist/contributor has already been paid his royalties on the sale, which happens automatically when an order is downloaded. So canceling and refunding an order after it has been downloaded is a tricky and complicated issue, and as a general rule, we do not refund or exchange a product after it has been downloaded. Some exceptions may be made, if and when deemed appropriate by us at BML.

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