Typsy Gypsy Ate Da Worm Perc BML

Typsy Gypsy Ate Da Worm Perc BML
Duration: 0:22 Year: 2016
  • Description

A playful and whimsical quirky tune. Fun filled and upbeat cheeky, like the music in Home Alone or Desperate Housewives. Great for family movies, comedy, games, commercials and much more.

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Instruments: Cowbell, Drums, Hand Claps, Percussion

Tempo: Fast/140 BPM

Sounds Like: The Advantage, Thomas Newman, Carter Burwell, Danny Elfman

Created: 4/29/16 in Nashville, Tennessee

Keywords: Bermuda, Cuba, Florida, Jamaica, Tropical, Tropics, alcohol, bass guitar, beer, bikinis, boating, campy, celebratory, cheeky, cheerful, colorful, corny, delightful, drums, exotic, festive, funny, good times, happy, joy, joyful, joyous, laughing, lotion, madcap, mischief, mischievous, nutty, ocean, percussion, playful, playing, pranks, quirky, rafting, rom-com, rum, salt, sand, sea, sex, shaker, shopping, summer, sun, tequila, travel, upbeat, vibrant, water, waves, zany

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Publisher: Aqua March Publishing

Composer: James Stan Tristan

Location: Nashville, United States 

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