Monitor Offline BML

Monitor Offline BML
Duration: 01:40 Year: 2014
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$7.00 Standard Sync License Includes: Full version mp3 (320Kbit) file.

If you require a Mass Market Sync License for this song, please purchase the Mass Market Sync License at the top of the “Music Store” page for $14.00. Total cost is $21.00 (includes the Standard Sync License).  Please contact BML if you require a TV/Radio Commercial Sync License.

Pitch: Soundtrack, film score for film, TV and media. Brooding sound and pensive music underscore give it a sense of sound taking a very long time to reach you…almost like being in outer space. Anticipating, foreboding and intrigue forming a picture or an unfolding story.

Instruments: Prepared upright piano, synth, electronic sound efx.

Tempo: Medium Slow

Sounds Like: Graeme Revell, Mychael Danna, Rachel Portman, Thomas Newman

Keywords:  Determined person on a mission vengeance strong powerful Mysterious Hypnotic Slight Darkness Taut Resolved honest passionate sad lonely hurt dramatic music Halloween horror music sad holy God Jesus faith upset mad lost bewildered TV film production darkness depressed depression scared cars streets hiways holidays sickness no hope prayer help me waiting rooms frightened searching dramatic awesome street-life survival alcohol life death struggles struggling question questioning losing religion why me? Is there an after life? tears pain crying sobbing street lights Hollywood Boulevard car radio music cold snow no shelter feeling abandoned forgotten shaking sleepy doctors nurses sirens fading away staring straight ahead out-of-body experience husband wife mom dad family priests cops seedy Maurice Jarre James Newton Howard Alan Silvestri drunkenness haze hazy mortality reality unfair unfairness chilling windy city Los Angeles LA New York The Big Apple San Francisco murder mayhem Hell lost bewildered imprisoned caskets funerals dead death eerie mounting nervous psychological anxious panic attack blah embankment dizzy boozer loser nostalgic Sad Rejected Dark Lost in Valley Deep water

BMI-IPI# 00558716414

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