Drink Myself To Sleep Instr BML

Drink Myself To Sleep Instr BML
Duration: 2:26 Year: 2016
  • Description

Melodramatic drunk song about an alcoholic who has been dumped yet again… still doesn’t get it. Perfect for dark comedy, dramatic, and intervention productions. Something you would hear in series like Dexter, Big C, Bored To Death and Shameless. Talk about a whiner! Indie Rock, Alternative Acoustic Pop.

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Instruments: Piano, Piano Music, Solo Piano

Tempo: Medium/102 BPM

Sounds Like: Sparklehorse, Cocteau Twins, Bright Eyes, Ben Folds.

Created: 6/25/16 in Nashville, Tennessee

Keywords: angry, bittersweet, bluesy, brooding, cinematic, compelling, confused, contemplative, dejected, deliberate, discovery, dramatic, dreamy, earthy, eerie, emotional, ethereal, expressive, flirtatious, hard, haunting, hopeful, hypnotic, inquisitive, intense, intimate, intrigue, introspective, laid back, male vocals, melancholic, melancholy, mysterious, panoramic, passionate, piano, piano music, piano music cue, poignant, reflective, repetitive, sad, searching, sentimental, sexy, sincere, smokey, soulful, strange, sultry

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Publisher: Aqua March Publishing

Composer: James Stan Tristan

Location: Nashville, United States

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