Cuban Candy Cane BML

Cuban Candy Cane BML
Duration: 1:10 Year: 2016
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The perfect quirky poppy dancy techno Euro Latin sounding song for endorsements of auto, perfume, world travel, luxury items, tech, alcohol, exotic destinations, iPad, computers, youthful lifestyles and fashion. Vocalese, hand claps and glockenspiel make up this happy uptempo jewel. Fast Tempo at 132 BPM.

Instruments: Cowbell, Glockenspiel, Hand Claps, Percussion, Piano, Shaker, Synthesized Voice

Tempo: Fast/132 BPM

Sounds Like: Maurice Jarre, Lesley Barber, Carter Burwell, Alan Silvestri.

Created: 3/7/16 in Nashville, Tennessee

Keywords: Bermuda, Cuba, Florida, Jamaica, Tropical, Tropics, alcohol, beer, bikinis, boating, colorful, cowbell, delightful, exotic, funny, glockenspiel, good times, hand clap, happy, joy, joyful, joyous, laughing, lotion, mischief, mischievous, ocean, percussion, piano, playful, playing, pranks, rafting, rom-com, rum, salt, sand, sea, sex, shaker, shopping, summer, sun, tequila, travel, vibrant, voice synthesized, water, waves

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Publisher: Aqua March Publishing

Composer: James Stan Tristan

Location: Nashville, United States    

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