Boogie Woogie Bees Knees Piano BML

Boogie Woogie Bees Knees Piano BML
Duration: 0:57 Year: 2016
  • Description

Fast and fun boogie woogie on piano. Great for adventure, swampy, bar scene, Bayou, New Orleans, Chicago, History Channel type of production. Southern flair makes it a great fit for endorsements of liquor, NASCAR, motorcycles and Southern tourism spots like the French Quarter and Mardis Gras, Instrumental, Jazzy, Ragtime.

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Instruments: Piano

Tempo: Fast/138 BPM

Sounds Like: Carter Burwell, Lesley Barber, Thomas Newman, John Debney.

Created: 5/24/16 in Nashville, Tennessee

Keywords: 30s, background music, bass guitar, bluesy, boastful, boisterous, bold, boogie woogie, bright, bubbly, carefree, carnivale, celebratory, cheerful, cheerful/happy, cool, dancing, driving, drums, elusive, energetic, entertaining, fast-paced, freewheeling, fun, happy, jazzy, joyful, jubilant, optimistic, parade, peppy, percussion, perky, piano, playful, rollicking, sassy, scurrying, southern, spirited, spunky, unrestrained, upbeat, uplifting, vibrant, vivacious, wholesome, zesty.

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Publisher: Aqua March Publishing

Composer: James Stan Tristan

Location: Nashville, United States 

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