Big Wednesday BML

Big Wednesday BML
Duration: 2:25 Year: 2016
  • Description

Soaring and triumphant, fanfare like soundtrack for amazing feats and grand adventures. Rock orchestral style production with driving rock guitar riff and big pounding drums. Suitable for fantasy and adventure, pirates and swashbuckling heroes; great for action and sports content as well as beer commercials; good for success videos, promos,

Instruments: Drums, Synthesizers, Guitars, Strings

Tempo: Fast/129 BPM

Sounds Like: Clint Mansell, Ollie Olsen, David Julyan, Hans Zimmer

Keywords: achievement, action, action adventure, action drums, action thriller, anticipating, anticipation, brave, bravery, breathtaking, bright, cheerful happy, confident, cool, determined, dramatic, dreamy, driven, driving, drums, elegant, energetic, enthusiastic, enveloping, epic, expressing positivity, expressive, extreme, extreme sports, fluid, focused, free, freedom, fun, glorious, goal, goals, gorgeous, grand, guitar riff, guitars, happy, hopeful, inspirational, intense, joyful, magical, motivational, ocean, ocean waves, open, optimistic, passionate, positive, power energetic, powerful, proud, racing, regal, strings, succeed, success, successful, synthesizers, triumph, triumphant, unstoppable, untamed, untouchable, untouched, untouched nature, uplifting, victorious, victory, wholesome, wild, win, wind, winner, winning

BML Neon Green Right Arrow  Our license grants you lifetime, unlimited, worldwide usage, in perpetuity, across ALL media platforms.


Publisher: Aqua March Publishing

Composer: James Stan Tristan

Location: Nashville, United States


Publisher: Between Sets Publishing

Composer: James A Bloodgood

Location: Nashville, United States

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